I’m extremely grateful for the work you have done, I think it has literally changed his life, and i don’t say that lightly,”said Alex Howard, author of Why Me?

“I referred a client to Johnnie who was struggling with issues around confidence, life direction and self-discipline. Johnnie did a fantastic job of building a deep therapeutic relationship of trust and respect which in dramatic and important changes in this individual’s life. He is clearly a talented and high effective therapist.”

 “To be able to talk to an independent person was of great help to my recovery process”Fantastic support, friendly and felt comfortable. Johnnie is lovely and i would recommend him to anyone who needed it. Thank you for being understanding.” (CBT client with OCD).

The art of listening should not be taken for granted.” (Jan 2016, GP surgery client with low self-esteem)


“Amazing and so helpful, throughout my sessions.” (IAPT March 2016, older lady with long-term disability)


“I just wanted to message to say thank you very much for the therapy over the past few months – it’s really helped me understand myself better, and I hope I can deal with difficult situations much more easily now. I wrote a sonnet that i hope says something about shedding a skin and growing into a new life – while also being very thankful for the people that helped me get back on my feet! (PhD student, University of Kent)


“The sessions have turned my life around and made me realise that I am worth something! Could not thank you enough, just listening to me going on for eight weeks has meant so much!” (GP Surgery client November 2015)


“I feel a lot more confident in myself and why i feel the way i do at times and i can now recognise why i feel the way i do; and learn to deal with these feelings instead of fighting them. Thank you.” (GP surgery client with OCD; April 2016)


“I found the experience helpful in coming to terms with the situation in terms of liver disease stage 4. Being able to discuss issues with a non-family member has been invaluable. Thank you.” (GP practice client, Sept 2016)


“I want to thank you for all your help, I am very very grateful to you, it took a lot of me emotionally but I feel a much happier person as a result. I am going to work on restoring things with family. All the best my good friend and counsellor.” (Surgeon with history of bullying, from GP surgery)


“So, a new year, and a new life, for me!

Too long spent in the emotional black,

My oppressor’s hand, beholden to me,

Winding the compulsive key in my back.


“As the harvest of my betrayer fades,

And life is sewn with laboured energy,

I thank the bright sparks, love of every shade,

Who with carefree love, forged sweet empathy.


“For all these gifts of life, I give my life,

To fix your puzzle with this piece of mine,

Shaped by my self-destructive friend and I,

To create, to inspire, throughout all time.


“I see that all I’ve built, is not forlorn,

And this isn’t even my final form.”


Needless to say – you have been one of the bright sparks who have helped me out recently! Thanks again :)” (Phd Student, March 2016)

“Excellent, very fascinating and healing experience” (GP surgery client Aug 2015)

“Amazing, helpful, throughout all my sessions” (IAPT client with codependency, March 2016)

“After going through CBT at another provider, the mental health team referred me, i was paired with a brilliant counsellor who helped me talk through my problems. I have been through counselling many times over the years, and no-one has helped me as much as Johnnie did.”(IAPT referral from community mental health team)

“It helped me a huge amount. Thank you.” (GP surgery client dealing with the stages of divorce)


“Johnnie worked with my 18-year-old son for about 16 months. My son felt a rapport quickly and felt safe and supported whilst working through several issues that there worrying for him. Their work was entirely their own and private but as a parent I have been able to watch my son grow from someone fell of self-doubt and anxiety into someone who has learnt to manage his worries rationally. Best of all, he views himself more positively. I value the work they’ve done and every time I hear my son speaking positively and rationally about issues he previously found debilitating, I know this was a great investment.”(Mother of young client).


“Hello Johnnie, We do miss you. You are a wonderful therapist, beautifully evidenced. It was pleasure to work with
you.” (University of Sussex supervisor).


“I am writing to because I did not say thank you for your help and listening to me during my troubled times. You have a calm voice and a relaxed and friendly manner, which made you an easy person to talk to and working through problems, talking to someone impartial does help. I hope you help many more people in the future. Thanks again.”(IAPT CBT female patient).


“Just a note to say ‘thank you’. You elevated what I had seem as silly/shameful to the sacred and you opened my eyes (but more importantly my heart) to new dimensions I have yet to fully explore.”(trainee clinical psychologist).


“Excellent, has really helped” (GP Surgery client)

“I found the sessions very helpful and encouraging. They have helped me understand and accept my feelings more.”(MIND counselling client)


“The weeks have gone quickly, I was made to feel at ease on the very first session and all the way through it. It has helped me a lot to talk about things i have never told anyone before, my life story. Thank you very much.” (GP Surgery patient)



The keeper of my uncaged thoughts sets free

The eaten secrets, swallowed hurts and tears.

He holds my shy and whispered blasphemies

And gently eases heart strings taut with fear.

No tragic tale, no gross abuse, and yet

The subtle scars of quiet misuse begin

To bleed their silent leeching of regret,

Mimesis and Catharsis held therein.

Unleash the birds of bitterness, unchain

An angst of butterflies, so pasts take flight

To shriek illicits at the the sun, their pain,

The feared intent dispelled in searing light.

An alchemist at work, as truths are told

Base shadows turn, arrayed in burnished gold.

June 2014 “With gratitude” (client with somatisation to her hand)



“Johnnie Taylor is a very gifted professional who was able to create for me an understanding of why i feel and react to situations in the way that i do. He can walk with you to those places that feel uncomfortable to talk about, he won’t judge or push, he’ll just be there and support you all the way. Top man Johnnie – thanks doesn’t even come close……..” (Social phobia client 2013)

“Thank you for everything you have done. You really turned him around and set him on a solid path. He is so much more positive”(Aspergers’ syndrome young man with anger)


“Thank you very much” (older Aspergers’ client at GP surgery)


“I feel a lot more confident in myself and why i feel the way i do at times and i can now recognise why i feel the way i do; and learn to deal with these feelings instead of fighting them. Thank you.” (GP surgery client with OCD)


“It really helped having somebody to talk to who wasn’t part of my friends/family.” (Oct 2015, GP surgery: pregnant mum with diabetes)


“Great help from the very first phone call to seeing Johnnie to the last appointment.” (GP surgery client, May 2015)


GP Feedback (Feb 2015) “Had counselling with Johnnie and felt it was all brilliant and was able to return to work.”